Asda has launched a new anti-pollution skincare range

While many of us are keen to prevent our skin from ageing or set on combating other common issues such as being too oily or too dry, there’s one factor we tend to neglect when shopping for suitable skincare – products that help reduce the effects of pollution on our skin.

As anyone who lives in a big city knows, pollution is a very real problem. And like it or not, it can cause a lot of damage to our complexion. But Asda is determined to help put an end to this, with the launch of its first anti-pollution skincare range.

Asda anti-pollution skincare
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Through the nspa cosmetics line, the store is bringing us a purse-friendly collection of products to not only treat polluted skin but protect against the effects of blue light – the light given off from smartphones, tablet and computer screens when we spend hours staring into them.

Asda anti-pollution skincare

 Anti-Pollution Daily Defence Micro Derma Cleanser, £4, Asda

The range includes two new anti-pollution products: Anti-Pollution Daily Defence Micro Derma Cleanser and Anti-Pollution Skin Defence Clay Mask. The latter is priced at £6 while the cleanser is just £4.

According to the product description, the anti-pollution cleanser ‘is enriched with clinically proven actives to shield your skin against pollution and blue-light technology damage, ensuring it is protected against the stresses of your daily environment.’ It consists of Vitamins B5 and E, and promises to leave your skin feeling and looking clean, refined and smooth.

Asda anti-pollution skincare

 Anti-Pollution Skin Defence Clay Mask, £6, Asda

Similarly, the clay mask ‘clears skin whilst mitigating the damaging effects of pollution and blue-light radiation, using a peptide from Moringa Seeds and a complex of Organic Sunflower Shoots and antioxidants from the Tara Tree.’ It is infused with Natural Kaolin and Charcoal which promises to draw out impurities, absorb excess oil and unblock and reduce the appearance of pores. What’s more? Both products are vegan friendly.

The products, as well as the rest of the range which includes a Brightening Day Cream (£7), Luminous Glow Serum (£5), Anti-Ageing Complexion Cream (£8) and Anti-Ageing Eye Cream, (£6) are available in Asda stores across the country and online.

And at those prices, we’ll definitely be giving them a go.