Arket’s influencer-favourite cult puffer coat is back in stock

Coats: around this time of year we’re usually catapulted into having to make a difficult decision between the practical style, and the chic, fashion-forward design. Is warmth your priority, or looking good? 

Well, last year, Arket offered up a style that meant we no longer had to choose between the two; we could have ultimate cosiness with a stylish flair, and zero compromise. The brand’s Long Down Puffer Coat became such a hit with fashion fans that it flew off the shelves quicker than you can say ‘pass the puffer’. 

The ingenious style combines an incredible level of warmth with a chic twist, and influencers on Instagram couldn’t get enough. Some of social media’s most stylish ladies showed off how they styled their coat on the platform, be it in classic black or chic khaki beige. Hannah Crosskey, Alexis Foreman and Brittany Bathgate all got plenty of wear out of theirs, swiftly influencing hoards of fans as they went.

Arket puffer jacketLong Down Puffer Coat, £225, Arket

The coat already came back for a second season this year (oh joy of joys!), and then promptly sold out (boo). But now it’s back again and restocked in all three colourways: black, beige and khaki green. Knowing its sheer popularity amongst shoppers, it probably won’t stick around for every long, so move fast if you don’t want to miss out – again!

The coat in question will set you back £225, which, considering the quality and versatility of the item, actually is a pretty fair price. It’s made from 100 per cent recycled down and feathers and boasts a shell of matte recycled nylon that’s waterproof, meaning it’ll keep you dry as well as warm.

Arket puffer jacket

Long Down Puffer Coat, £225, Arket

The style comes with a zip down the front and a hood, but most of the ladies seen wearing it tend to keep it open with the hood down for the most ‘chic’ look. 

This is a great coat for when things get really cold, but you won’t have to sacrifice style come Christmas-time with this one. Throw it over jeans, pair it with a dress, thick tights and chunky boots, and add a beanie hat for special fashion-forward appeal. 

Arket khaki green puffer coat

Long Down Puffer Coat, £225, Arket

If you haven’t picked up your super warm annual winter coat already, now is definitely the time to do so, not least because, with its cult status, we can’t guarantee how long this coat will stay in stock.