People are not impressed with this £40 homeware buy

As a general rule, Anthropologie is a veritable treasure trove of gorgeous homeware, from chic furniture pieces to cleverly designed accessories. But one new product from the high street store has got customers talking for all of the wrong reasons, including its £40 price tag.

The decorative bundle of birch – which Anthropologie describes as the perfect way to ‘bring a rustic quality to your home’ – has been the subject of much mockery on social media, with one commenter saying it was a sign that the brand had ‘lost the plot’, and another dubbing it a ‘disgrace’.


Decorative birch bundle, £40, Anthropologie

‘Whaaaaat?! I usually can’t get enough of Anthropologie, but £40 for a bunch of twigs?!’ one shopper posted, while a second wrote: ‘If you’re spending £40 on sticks then you need to get out more. Seriously. The ground’s covered in them.’

‘Going out to the woods tomorrow, I’ll be an ebay millionaire by lunch!’ a third quipped.

‘Love how they are “limited availability”. Really they’re not!’ another exclaimed.

Others also found amusement in the item specifics on the listing, including the fact that potential purchasers are assured that the twigs are, in fact, ‘brown’.

Even the only review of the product on the Anthropologie website – a five-star one, no less – isn’t entirely sincere. ‘I am groot. I am groot. I am groot,’ it reads.

This surge of comical tweets isn’t the first time that Anthropologie merchandise has been highlighted as somewhat overpriced. The American website has come under fire in the past for selling ‘driftwood decor’ for $18.

Anthropologie first opened its doors in the autumn of 1992, and now has over 200 stores worldwide. The company describes their customer as ‘a creative-minded woman, who wants to look like herself, not the masses’. Whether or not she’ll be rushing out to buy the decorative birch bundle, however, remains to be seen.