Annie Bell’s nectarine and vanilla mascarpone trifle recipe

A delicate and light trifle with a nectarine purée in lieu of jam.

nectarine trifle
Ellis Parrinder


4 ripe nectarines
35g icing sugar, sifted
100g mascarpone
100g 0% fat greek yogurt
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 stem ginger cookies
2 tbsp orange or other fruit liqueur
4 madeleines (Bonne Maman ones are good)

  1. Halve and pit three of the nectarines and purée in a blender with 10g icing sugar. Press through a sieve into a medium bowl. Dice the remaining nectarine and stir into the fruit purée.
  2. For the cream, mix the mascarpone, yogurt, vanilla and remaining 25g sugar in a medium bowl then set aside.
  3. Crush the biscuits in a mortar and pestle then drizzle over 1 tbsp liqueur and stir.
  4. To assemble the trifle, arrange the madeleines in the base of a small trifle bowl, drizzle over the remaining liqueur and spoon over the nectarine purée. Dollop the cream on top and thickly spread just within the rim, then scatter over the crumbs. Cover and chill for at least 3 hours.

TIP It will keep well for a couple of days in the fridge.

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Food styling: Sarah Hardy. Styling: Rachel Vere. Creative direction: Chloe Sharp.