Anita Rani just became the first female presenter to host a Channel 4 quiz show

Channel 4 is notorious for being the home of British quiz shows yet still, we’ve yet to see a female presenter as the main host (yes, we know!). Much to our delight, that’s all about to change, as former YOU cover star Anita Rani has just been given her very own quiz show by the broadcaster.

Anita Rani
Getty Images

The popular TV presenter will host a brand new Channel 4 quiz show titled The Answer Trap and we couldn’t be happier for her. The news comes just three months after the channel, alongside ITV, came under fire for having zero women as the face of their quiz shows following an investigation by The Mirror.

The Answer Trap will see two teams go head-to-head in a bid to win a grand prize of £10,000. The players are presented with a list of answers that they need to sort into correct categories in each round to win different sums of money. Like all game shows, however, there is a twist as resident quiz experts Frank Paul and Bobby Seagull will have hidden ‘answer traps’ within the list of answers, which are options that have been designed to seem like right answers but don’t belong in either category. Sounds pretty fun, doesn’t it?

Speaking about her new role, the Countryfile host said: ‘Quizzes are the rockstars of TV at the moment. I’ve always loved watching them but I felt there were quite a lot of men hosting quiz shows and not enough women. We’ve got some brilliant badass women out there. I thought I would be a good host of one so I’ve been putting it out to the universe for a while and Channel 4 listened.’

The former Strictly Come Dancing contestant continued: ‘Everyone loves a word quiz at 3pm with a cup of tea and a packet of HobNobs. There’s something nostalgic about them. It’s a warm hug of a TV show.’

She’s right about that, especially now that many of us are working from home!

Catch Anita Rani at 3pm on Monday 10 May for the first episode of The Answer Trap.