Holly Willoughby’s stylist Angie Smith is launching a jewellery line

Here’s some exciting fashion news for a Tuesday afternoon: Holly Willoughby’s go-to stylist Angie Smith has revealed that she’s been working on a collaboration with vintage-inspired jewellery brand Kirstie Le Marque.

Angie’s no stranger to a signature edit, having teamed up with Fat Face two seasons in a row to share her picks for the months ahead, and released a summer beachwear collection with bohemian label Free People in the past as well.

However, the Kirstie Le Marque range marks the first time she’s ventured into the world of jewellery – and it looks like it’s going to be well worth the wait.

Angie announced the news of the partnership to her 90k followers on Instagram, declaring that she was ‘so flippin’ excited’ to unveil the fruits of their labour.

‘I’ve been a huge fan since they launched so this really is a pinch me moment,’ she added. ‘The jewellery we’ve created is truly beautiful and I can’t wait to show you more.’

Details of the pieces are still being kept closely under wraps, but from Angie’s use of emojis and Kirstie Le Marque revealing the name ‘Come Sail Your Ships Around Me’, we can deduce that it’ll have a distinctly nautical theme.

In the picture Angie shared, there are number of gold pendant necklaces visible, with details including anchor-engraved coins and what appears to be a compass design.

Kirstie Le Marque Jewellery is the brainchild of Kirstie Beecroft and Claire Le Marquand, who ‘came together with a desire to create vintage-inspired mixed-metal diamond jewellery at an accessible price point’ – and have won famous fans including Sheryl Crow, Michelle Dockery, Fearne Cotton, Jodie Comer, and of course, Holly Willoughby in the process.

Speaking during a previous interview with the brand, Angie revealed what drew her to its products initially.

‘I love how the pieces feel aged and pre-loved, the gold is the perfect tone and the black setting of the diamond pieces plays down what could otherwise be something that would feel too OTT for me,’ she explained.

‘I’m definitely someone who never takes their jewellery off so all the pieces that I wear have to work with my day-to-day uniform.’

Excited to see what they’ve come up with? Sign up for updates (including the all-important launch date) at kirstielemarque.com.