Angela Scanlon opens up on hiding her eating disorder

TV presenter Angela Scanlon has been opening up about her history of disordered eating for the first time.

Angela Scanlon
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Having suffered from bulimia and anorexia since the age of 17, Angela told Huffington Post that she ‘wanted to talk about it for a long time. But then I was so afraid that… I’d be defined as that [person] from a career point of view.’

She continued: ‘It was though a part of myself was constantly hidden… And I think that kind of chips away at you, actually, without even really being aware of that.’

This newfound candour and honesty comes ahead of the launch of her book, Joyrider (out 12 May) which is part memoir, part self-help guide, in which Angela charts her journey of trying out every self-help hack out there, before discovering the simple concept of practising gratitude.


Joyrider: How gratitude can help you get the life you really want by Angela Scanlon, £13.59, Amazon

‘That idea of finding joy, it seemed so out of reach, because I had kind of numbed and tapped out of all of the emotions [of life], because everything felt too much to bear. And I think that’s what an eating disorder – or any sort of addiction – allows you to do. It’s a kind of escape for those big feelings,’ she said.

Before she reached the happy place she’s in right now, Angela admitted to swapping her eating disorders for workaholism: ‘I just literally swapped one for the other.’

It was only when she got pregnant in 2018 that she started to see the flaws in her ways and undertook a lot of therapy and self-reflection to discover where her need for control stems from.

Of recovery, she admitted: ‘It doesn’t happen overnight, like I kind of imagined it might… It requires a lot more work, which nobody really wants to hear – myself included.’

However, Angela is in a great place with her body image and body confidence these days. She regularly holds ‘nudie discos’ with her two young children, saying: ‘I love being naked!… And actually, I think it’s really, really important. Florence Welch is on full tilt, Dog Days Are Over, and away we go!’

She continued: ‘It’s those little things that I think are joyful in the moment, but also will hopefully allow for Ruby – and Marnie when she gets to that point – to realise her body is something that can be enjoyed. It is not there for consumption, it’s not there to be looked at. It’s actually hers to use and to feel.’

A beautiful message for young girls and women everywhere.