Andrea McLean’s leopard print dress from H&M is officially this season’s staple piece

Animal prints have been this season’s must have trend. From bags and shoes, to shirts and jackets – animal prints are quite literally everywhere at the moment and we’re loving it. That’s why Andrea McLean’s latest look is right up our street.

The Loose Women presenter wore a gorgeous leopard print midi dress from H&M which in her own words, ‘fits like a glove.’ The flattering find is priced at just £49 and is perfect for both day time and evening wear – our kind of dress!

In fact, even Andrea loved it so much that she recorded a short Instagram video showing off the pleated dress and telling her 173,000 followers exactly why.


Pleated Dress, £49.99, H&M

‘It’s not often that I actually talk about an outfit, I normally feel too awkward to do anything other than give a rather stilted twirl,’ she wrote in the caption.

‘But I wanted to tell you why I love this dress so much! It’s from @hm (H&M) and is one of those rare finds that’s fits like a glove. That sounds weird doesn’t it? Surely a dress should fit like a dress not like a glove?! You know what I mean! Anyway, I put it on today for @loosewomen and loved it, so thank you @mothershoppers for yet another amazing find. And thank you @staceysolomon for not freaking out at the impromptu fashion report outside your dressing room door… I am indeed very pleaty. I am ‘compleat’. ?#deliberatespellingmistake #pleats #leopardprint #fashion’

Right, we’re off to get our hands on one before they sell out and if you know what’s good for you, you should too!

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