The brow brand loved by the A-list just launched its first ever mascara

What do the Kardashians, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and Michelle Obama all have in common? Millions of fans and impressive career trajectories aside, they all entrust their eyebrows to one particular make-up artist: Anastasia Soare, the founder of beauty line Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Dozens of A-listers say that Anastasia is their go-to for all things brow-related, and even when they’re not in the salon, many of them are big fans of her range of products too. So we suspect we won’t be the only ones excited to see the launch of Anastasia Beverly Hills’ first ever mascara, which launched this weekend.

Anastasia Beverly Hills mascara
Anastasia Beverly Hills

The new Lash Brag Volumising Mascara promises ‘maximum lash drama, volume and fullness’ from its jet-black, water-resistant offering – this isn’t a natural swipe of colour a la Glossier, this is a super-pigmented blend that really packs a punch.

Some of the secret to its success lies in the hourglass-shaped brush, which separates and distributes an even amount of product throughout lashes without a clump in sight.

The creamy, conditioning formula is also designed to be layered to achieve your desired outcome: one coat is perfect for everyday definition, while two adds extra thickness and dimension, and three will give full-on false-lash levels of drama, ideal for your next night out.

Anastasia Beverly Hills mascara

Lash Brag Volumizing Mascara, £26, Anastasia Beverly Hills 

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar previously about building her eponymous brand, Anastasia said: ‘Every single piece of this brand is a part of me. I still approve every batch of every product for eyebrows and my daughter [the brand’s president] does everything for the make-up.

‘Everything we do needs to be exceptional – if it’s not exceptional we don’t put it out there, because the biggest high for us is when we read comments from our customers saying that they can’t live without them.’

Lash Brag is set to live up to the hype and then some. You can get yours now at, as well as in store at Selfridges and Harrods – but be warned, there’ll be legions of die-hard fans racing you to the checkout.