Amazon has released a range of own-brand wine for £5.99 a bottle

Over the years, Amazon has undoubtedly become the ultimate one-stop shop for pretty much all your shopping needs. It was only this year that it even launched its own-brand make-up line, Find, and now, the retailer has gone one step further and released a collection of wines.

Amazon wine
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The online giant has unveiled a selection of five wines in its new range, which is named Compass Road: three whites, one red, and one rosé, all with youthful, bold packaging. There’s a Chardonnay, a Qualitätswein, and a Pinot Grigio, depending on how dry you like your white wine, along with a merlot and a French rosé.

Amazon own brand wine

Compass Road Chardonnay, £35 for a bottle of six, Amazon

Amazon own brand wine

Compass Road Merlot, £35.99 for six, Amazon

Perhaps most alluring about the new range is the price; you can purchase six bottles for £35.99, which works out to a mere £5.99 a bottle. This is a perfect option for New Year’s Eve celebrations (particularity if you are hosting your own party), as the bottles will obviously arrive right at your doorstep, meaning the whole process is relatively fuss-free.

But what do the experts say about the array of wines on offer by Amazon? It’s fair to be wary, but wine expert Lucy Shaw, who is the Editor of The Drinks Business, told the Evening Standard she was actually relatively impressed overall.

‘While we work hard in the trade to try to encourage consumers to spend more than £5 on a bottle of wine, the range is largely clean, balanced, refreshing and well made, so will certainly find an audience,’ she explained.

Amazon own brand wine

Compass Road Rose, £35.99 for six, Amazon

The wines have also had largely positive reviews online so far too, with customers praising their taste and in particular, their impressive value for money.

As well as an impressive taste to the wines, they all boast colourful and bold packaging, which will also make for an eye-catching talking points at New Year’s Eve parties.

You can shop the entire range over on Amazon now.