Alexa Chung’s favourite K-beauty face mask is now available at Boots

Alexa Chung never seems to have a bad skin day. Her complexion always looks clear, silky smooth, and pillowy soft, so it makes sense that fans are always wondering just what she uses skincare-wise. Back in March 2020, Alexa filmed a video with beauty journalist Rio Viera-Newton, in which she discussed the skincare routine she uses during a flight, or just at home at her bathroom sink. And one item really caught our eye: the COSRX ULTIMATE Nourishing Rice Spa Overnight Mask, which is now available to buy at your local Boots. 

Alexa Chung
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Boots has really been providing in recent years with its influx of top beauty brands, from The Ordinary to Fenty Beauty, and they now sell beloved K-beauty brand COSRX, which is known for its brilliant pimple masks, experimental ingredients, and, well, the mask that is officially Alexa-approved. 

The mask is hailed in Alexa’s YouTube video for being a perfect alternative to sheet masks on a plane, thanks to the fact it is clear and undetectable. In short, if you’re still too shy to slap on a sheet mask during a flight (which is now made near impossible anyway due to the requirement of a face covering), you can try slathering on this formula instead for similar results. 

The vegan mask is a 3-in-1, and is enriched with 68 per cent rice extract. It moisturises the skin, while also targeting dark spots and giving dull complexions a new lease of life. Sounds good to us!

While new to the Boots website, the mask has previously scored highly in reviews on other sites such as U.S. retailer Yes Style. The 1600 reviews average out at a 4.6 stars, and praise the texture, moisturisation factor, and brightening qualities. 

COSRX ULTIMATE Nourishing Rice Spa Overnight MaskCOSRX ULTIMATE Nourishing Rice Spa Overnight Mask, £24, Boots

‘I never really believed in sleeping masks but this actually does what it’s supposed to do! I have acne prone, sensitive skin with a few acne scars and blemishes and it really helps to get rid of them and brightens my skin,’ wrote one user. 

Another added: ‘This is the best product I’ve ever used on my skin! It’s evened out my skin so well.’

You can pick it up from Boots now for £24.