This £13 moisturiser is Alexa Chung’s go-to for avoiding breakouts

Alexa Chung is many things – model, TV presenter, fashion designer and basically the definition of ‘cool girl’ – but one thing we would never associated with the Chung is spots or breakouts.

Alexa Chung
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Always looking effortlessly chic with perfectly fresh, dewy skin and that iconic tousled hairstyle, we can’t imagine someone as mighty as Alexa ever having to deal with so much as a blemish in her life.

However, in a recent interview with British Vogue, the Next in Fashion co-host revealed that when she entered her thirties she suffered a wave of problematic skin issues.

‘I have had quite good skin forever. Then suddenly, at 36, it all went a bit haywire,’ she admitted. So what does someone like Alexa Chung use to tackle ‘haywire’ skin? You’d be forgiven for thinking it might be some super-expensive, flashy product, but Alexa is full of surprises. Interestingly, her go-to for avoiding those pesky breakouts is a £13 moisturiser by a brand called CeraVe.

CeraVe face lotion

CeraVe Facial Moisturising Lotion SPF 25, £13, lookfantastic

‘I’ve stepped back from too many heavy moisturisers and Florrie [White, Chung’s longtime make-up artist] mentioned CeraVe,’ explained the fashion designer. ‘It’s a plain [tube] – it’s not a hot one – but it is in my book, because it’s been saving my face. It’s literally called Face Moisturising Lotion. It’s great, it has SPF and it’s fragrance-free. It’s no show pony but it does look reliable, doesn’t it?’

And reliable it is. The CeraVe Facial Moisturising Lotion is a lightweight, silky face cream that will not only help to strengthen and restore the skin’s natural barrier to prevent moisture loss, the added SPF 25 will defend against UV ray damage, too. Containing three naturally occurring essential ceramides, this face cream will leave skin calm, comfortable and ultra-healthy, while hyaluronic acid will soothe sensitivity. It’s non-comedogenic claim means it doesn’t clog pores, which is often the reason for spots and blemishes.

Alexa Chung
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As consumers, we’re so used to being sucked in by shouty, pretty packaging, but it seems CeraVe’s face lotion is one of those unassuming, no-frills, best-kept-secret-type products that flies under the radar. And many people agree with Alexa’s miracle-working claims.

‘My GP recommended I purchase a non-comedogenic moisturiser for my acne prone oily skin as he had prescribed me Epiduo, an acne topical cream which can cause extreme drying of the skin. I found this and I’m so glad I did! It has kept my skin well moisturised and is so lightweight so feels amazing on my oily skin… Overall it’s a great moisturiser and I will continue to use it until I come across something better, which I doubt I will,’ said one happy customer.

‘I used this cream for the first time a few weeks ago. I generally find that as my skin is quite dry, a thicker moisturiser is more effective. This is thick and helps hydrate my skin without feeling greasy. I like that the spf is there as well to prevent sun damage and so I can use on holiday without that greasy sun cream face look,’ said another.

Alexa doesn’t stop at their face cream either: ‘I watched Sex and the City when I was 29 and realised I should be moisturising my body because Carrie does it, but before that I was ashy… I mix a cheap body lotion, such as Nivea or CeraVe, with a very expensive body oil, like rose – a high-low mix – and then slather it all over. No regrets. Every night and every morning.’

If it’s good enough for Alexa…