The 7 new products in the Alex Steinherr x Primark skincare range, starting from £1.50

Following on from the huge success of its initial launch in 2018, Alex Steinherr x Primark is back with 7 brand new products to add to the collection’s growing arsenal of affordable skincare.

So successful is it, that Primark report the range sells a product every 3 minutes. The collection, which is created in collaboration with former Glamour beauty director-turned-influencer, Alex Steinherr, has been two years in the making in order to achieve the gentle, fragrance-free and results-driven products fans of the line know and love it for.

It was a must for Alex that the new products all featured her own must-have skincare actives, including hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and squalene and that each product was as affordable as possible, ‘so everyone – whatever their lifestyle, skin concern or budget – can achieve beautiful skin.’ The result? A line up of 7 hard-working skincare products priced from £1.50 – £7.

milky softening lotion

Maximum Moisture Milky Softening Lotion, £5, Primark

The new Alex Steinherr x Primark skincare products

  • Maximum Moisture Milky Softening Lotion, £5 – a multi-functional formula that cleanses, tones and hydrates.
  • Pore Balance Anti-Breakout Jelly Potion, £5 – for a clear complexion, this clarifying, lightweight serum helps to control excess oil and sebum production to fight blemishes.
  • Plump & Glow Anti-Fatigue Wakeup Eye Roller, £5 – a lightweight formula that soothes and refreshes the eye area, while boosting underage radiance.
  • Facial Stone Roller, £7 – use to stimulate blood flow and encourage lymphatic circulation and drainage to reduce the appearance of puffiness.
  • Pink Clay Konjac Sponge, £1.50 – helps draw out impurities and tighten pores to refresh dull skin.
  • Green Tea Konjac Sponge, £1.50 – with soothing and moisturising benefits, use this to cleanse and exfoliate tired skin.
  • Makeup Remover Pads, £1.50 – an eco-friendly alternative to single-use make up wipes and cotton pads.
Anti-fatigue eye roller

Plump & Glow Anti-Fatigue Wakeup Eye Roller, £5, Primark

The new products bulk out the existing ranges – Sleep Spa, Pore Balance, Maximum Moisture, Plump & Glow and Pollution Solution – each of which targets a different skin concern as opposed to skin types, making each product suitable for everyone.

anti-breakout jelly potion

Pore Balance Anti-Breakout Jelly Potion, £5, Primark

‘I have always been obsessed by skincare and have been incredibly lucky over the years to have had a career that allowed me to test thousands of products and have constant access to the most well- respected skincare experts,’ said Alex of the 2018 launch.

‘I am asked every day to recommend a range of products to suit a range of budgets, so when Primark approached me to create a skincare line, I knew we could create something really special together that worked both in terms of price and performance.’

The Alex Steinherr x Primark collection can be found in selected Primark stores now.