Aldi’s beauty range now includes sheet masks and make-up sponges

Over the past few years, Aldi has built something of a reputation amongst beauty fans as the place to visit for an amazing bargain.

Between their award-winning Lacura skincare range and £5.99 Jo Malone-alike perfumes, industry insiders have increasingly begun stocking their shelves in the budget supermarket, and loudly singing the praises of their cut-price products.


Now Aldi are expanding their beauty range into two more of our favourite areas – make up sponges and sheet masks – and the saving are just as staggering as you’d expect.

Its £1.49 blending sponge in particular bears a striking resemblance to the trademarked Beautyblender classic sponge, which retails for around £16. If you haven’t tried them before, take a recommendation from the stars – famous faces as diverse as Meghan Markle and Kim Kardashian have professed their love for the sponges, which are used to apply foundation and concealer evenly, in the past, so picking up the Aldi version is a thrifty way to follow in their footsteps.

Aldi’s new sheetmasks, meanwhile, are available in three variants to suit all skin types; chamomile will add moisture to dry and sensitive skin, whilst green tea balances normal and combination skin and pomegranate is set to soothe sensitive skin.


The 100% biodegradable masks promise to revitalise your skin in just 15 minutes using impressive ingredients such as moisturising serum and hyaluronic acid – and with a price tag of just £1.99 for a pack of two, you can afford to try them all and share them with a friend.

The new releases are available both in store and online whilst stocks last, but if you want to pick them up, we’d suggest you act quickly. If they’re anything like Aldi’s previous beauty bargains, these lines are set to sell out fast!

While you’re there, you could also pick up the store’s £2.99 Argan oil night cream, £5.99 spa body scrub, or £3.99 miracle cream as well…