This supermarket rosé was just voted the best in the world

If you ask us, rosé season is a year-round celebration, but the fruity, refreshing nature of the wine means it really comes into its own in the summer months.

And just in time for our barbecues, picnics and parties in the sunshine galore, a bottle of supermarket fizz has been crowned the best in the world, beating out a number of pricier bottles to the coveted gold medal for a champagne at this year’s International Wine Challenge (IWC).

aldi rosé champagne
Alamy Stock Photo

If you’re already familiar with Aldi’s ever-expanding line of wines, it’ll come as no surprise that the budget retailer is responsible for the bottle in question – the store is renowned for providing purse-friendly alcohol that rivals the flavour and quality of expensive equivalents.

Its Veuve Monsigny Champagne Brut (£12.99) has been praised by industry experts for years, and now the IWC says that the Aldi rosé champagne, which arrived in stores this week and retails for a still reasonable £16.99, is just as good.

Aldi describes the wine as having an ‘abundance of red fruit flavours complemented with hints of citrus to give the perfect fruit balance. This then gives way to lovely pastry notes leaving a lingering, well balanced flavour,’ it notes.

aldi rosé champagneVeuve Monsigny Champagne Rosé NV, £16.99, Aldi

That obviously sounds delicious, but if bubbles aren’t your thing, fear not: the supermarket’s rosés scooped six medals overall at the 2019 IWC, with the Veuve Monsigny Champagne Rosé NV the only supermarket champagne to take home the top prize.

Our top non-sparkling pick is the £6.69 Côtes du Luberon Rosé, which also took home a silver medal at the prestigious competition. With a host of reviews from customers who say it’s ‘perfect for summer’ and ‘excellent quality for the price’, its a crowdpleaser that’s ideal served with light foods and salads when the temperatures (hopefully) soar. Cheers!