Aldi has created more miniature velvet chairs and sofas for your pooch

Although Aldi might not be the first place you think to shop when it comes to interiors, the budget supermarket actually has some extremely stylish pieces of furniture on its books. The store’s velvet scalloped chairs consistently sell out at an alarming rate every time they come back into stock, which led to a range of matching velvet scalloped beds also being released.

Then, to complete the set, Aldi went and launched a range of miniature chairs and beds in matching styles for pets in 2020, and they’ve been releasing new styles ever since.

green scalloped pet chair

Emerald Scalloped Pet Chair, £44.99, Aldi

If you’re the proud owner of an extremely pampered pooch (and aren’t they all?), then you’ll love these. The height of luxury for any four-legged friend, let their lord or ladyship recline on a mini velvet chair or sofa and dream their little doggy troubles away.

grey scalloped pet chair

Grey Scalloped Pet Chair, £44.99, Aldi

The latest release of velvet pet beds include two styles in two different colours. One comes in grey and emerald green (above) and is very similar to the human-sized scalloped chair that we all know and love; the second (below) is more of a plush sofa style, available in navy and grey.

navy pet sofa bed

Small Navy Pet Sofa Bed, £39.99, Aldi

The scalloped pet chair is priced at £44.99 while the sofa is a little less at £39.99.

If you already have one of Aldi’s (human-sized) velvet accent chairs, one of these pet chairs would make a great matching addition to the room – and add a touch of glamour to your pooch’s day. Your pet will love having their own throne to curl up in and they’ll certainly look like the prince or princess you know they are.

grey pet sofa bed

Grey Velour Pet Sofa Bed, £39.99, Aldi

Other designs in the past have included a pink scalloped bed that matches with the human-sized one Aldi sells, as well as other versions of the famous scalloped armchair (both below). These styles are currently sold out, but Aldi often brings popular Specialbuys back into stock, so if you like the look of them we’d suggest keeping your eye out.

pink scallop pet bed

Pink Scalloped Pet Bed, £44.99, Aldi

grey scallop pet chair

Grey Scalloped Pet Chair, £39.99, Aldi

The Aldi pet chairs and sofas are online exclusives so not available to pick up in Aldi stores, but they are available to pre-order today for dispatch on 10 March, so we suggest hurrying before they all sell out!