Aldi just launched a ‘pet teepee’ for your furry friends

There truly is nothing we won’t do for our pets, right? Whether it’s feeding them the yummiest treats or giving them all the attention and tummy rubs they deserve, they truly are part of the family. So much so that when it comes to their comfort, you may as well go big or go home. Enter: Aldi’s new range of napping stations for pets – and yes, it includes a teepee.

The teepee in question comes in two colours and two sizes to suit different types of pets. You can pick up a small one for cats or a medium size for dogs, both in plain grey or cactus print. Described as, ‘the perfect place for your pets to snuggle up and nap,’ the Aldi pet teepee is the ideal buy for the pet that likes to go off and snooze — and have a little privacy!

medium cactus pet teepee

Medium Cactus Outdoor Pet Tepee, £14.99, Aldi

Made from a water resistant fabric, the teepees can be kept both outdoors and in and come with a removable cushion to make cleaning easier. The designs are super affordable at only £14.99 each, and can currently all be purchased online at — but we recommend snapping one up quickly if you’re keen!

small grey pet teepee

Small Plain Grey Outdoor Pet Tepee, £14.99, Aldi

If the teepee doesn’t quite take your fancy, Aldi also has some other must-have napping posts for your pet. For example, there’s the £39.99 Pet House With Balcony, which will make your dog or cat feel like the king or queen of the castle they truly are. The house can be adjusted in size depending on how big your animal is and, like the teepee, can be kept outside as well as in.

pet house balcony

Pet House With Balcony, £39.99, Aldi

Alternatively, the Rosewood Cat Hideaway would be another brilliant option for your feline friend. It’s a super cosy hideaway for cats to curl up in a ball in and rest the day away.

cat hideaway

Rosewood Cat Hideaway, £19.99, Aldi

Whichever style you snap up, one thing’s for sure: the Instagram opportunities are endless with these.