Aldi’s new drinks range includes summer trifle and strawberry lemonade flavoured gins

Nothing says summer quite like an ice cold gin and tonic in a balmy pub garden – if we close our eyes, we’re almost there. While we’ve still got spring to get through until we’re whiling away warm evenings al fresco, Aldi is certainly helping us on our way with its launch of five new liqueur flavours.

aldi new gin
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Part of their Infusionist range, which already holds winners such as its violet shimmer gin liqueur and candy cane gin liqueur, the range has now expanded to include four new gin liqueurs and one new vodka liqueur.

All under £12 each, you’ll be hard pushed to find better valued flavoured spirits this summer, plus the pretty, eye-catching packaging mean these bottles will happily take pride of place on your home drinks trolley – the must-have interior item of the moment.

Being liqueurs, these can all be enjoyed in a variety of ways – splashed into a glass of bubbles, mixed with tonic or soda water, as an ingredient in a cocktail or poured over ice and sipped slowly.

Aldi summer trifle gin

Starting with the showstopper is the summer trifle gin liqueur – with a hint of shimmer, this will be a key ingredient for any summer garden party. Putting a classic British dessert into gin form, notes of vanilla and custard make this a pudding (and gin) lovers dream tipple.

Aldi strawberry lemonade gin

Next up is another retro twist, the strawberry lemonade gin liqueur made in collaboration with Didsbury Gin, where sweet, fruity strawberry is balanced with refreshing citrus notes.

Aldi raspberry vanilla coconut gin

Raspberry, vanilla and coconut gin liqueur will be a great choice for those looking for an exotic taste – raspberry combined with subtle hints of vanilla and coconut make for an unusual, but extremely delicious, flavour combination.

Aldi raspberry watermelon gin

The raspberry and watermelon gin liqueur is a refreshing choice with sweet summer fruits that balance out the botanical quality, ideal for summer sipping.

Aldi strawberry watermelon vodka

Last but not least, the one and only vodka offering in the new line of flavours, and its a strawberry and watermelon crush vodka liqueur created in collab with Two Birds Spirits. This would be great garnished with frozen watermelon slices, or added to a glass of prosecco or champagne.

The five new liqueurs land in Aldi stores and online from 16 March.