Aldi’s Instagram-style arch mirrors are back in stock

As much as we love keeping up with the latest home decor trends, it can be a costly habit to keep buying the most on-trend home accessories and furniture of the moment.

But that’s where places like Aldi come in, with its low-cost homeware lines that cost a fraction of the price of leading and high-end brands, but are still just as stylish.

Right now, Aldi has a particularly good selection of mirrors. Hanging a mirror on a wall reflects light, making a space feel bigger and brighter, plus they make for excellent wall decoration if you go for a statement design. After all, according to Etsy, statement mirrors are what’s hot right now – the online marketplace has seen a 203 per cent increase in searches for ‘funky mirrors’, and over 100 per cent increase in searches for ‘asymmetrical mirrors’, ‘tufted mirrors’ and ‘punch needle mirrors’.

Here are the best Aldi mirrors to help you get that Instagram-style on a shoestring.

Aldi mirrors

black arch mirror

Kirkton House Black Arch Mirror, £34.99, Aldi

An arched mirror can become a focal point of a room and is best matched with more minimal decorative styles. It looks perfect placed above a dresser and has just come back into stock! Get it while you can…

black grid mirror

Kirkton House Black Grid Mirror, £49.99, Aldi

This art deco grid mirror creates an illusion of more space in smaller areas such as hallways. Aldi’s grid mirrors come in gold and black and in two different sizes, this larger size and the smaller size below.

gold grid mirror

Kirkton House Gold Grid Mirror, £29.99, Aldi

The gold grid mirror brings light and space to a small room. It gives a window effect, so perfect for smaller, potentially window-less, spaces.

decorative mirror

Kirkton House Decorative Mirror, £44.99, Aldi

Perfect for the bedroom, this mirror offers elegant style on a budget.

octagon mirror

Kirkton House Gold Octagon Mirror, £39.99 (was £49.99), Aldi

According to Feng Shui, an octagon mirror wards off negative energy – and they look pretty good, too!

black round mirror

Black Round Metal Mirror 80cm, £39.99, Aldi

Circular styles look particularly stylish above a fireplace, where the curves of the mirror contrast with the straight lines of the mantel.