Aldi has brought back its sellout fire pits and log burners at amazing prices

If you’re lucky enough to have had a garden throughout these trying times, you might currently be in search of some affordable ways to spruce it up. Enter Aldi, whose purse-friendly range of Specialbuys are the gift that keeps on giving, especially when you can order the goods online.

Aldi fire pit log burners

There are two new re-launches that have particularly captured our imagination, not least because when similar versions of the same product were unveiled last year, they sold out in record time.

The first is the faux stone fire pit, which retails for just under £60 and comes complete with a cooking grill for easy summer barbecues. With its cool geometric shape, stone effect finish and 126 five-star reviews to boot, it’s a stylish and functional addition to any area and in our books, the perfect excuse to rustle up a batch of s’mores.

fire pit

Faux Stone Firepit, £59.99, Aldi

The other is the bronze steel-effect log burner, which will add a cosy ambience to your garden, whatever size it might be. With a staggering 565 five-stars reviews online, not only is it great for summer evenings, it means you can continue enjoying your garden as colder weather sets in – simply light it up, grab a blanket and snuggle in to your surroundings.

log burner

Gardenline Outdoor Log Burner, £69.99, Aldi

While the faux stone fire pit is still in stock (for now), it’ll be no shock to discover that orders on the outdoor log burner have surpassed demand, but on its website, Aldi advises that more stock is coming soon, so all is not yet lost.

And while you wait for that to land, you can browse the rest of Aldi’s brilliant online garden shop, which including bistro tables, planters and even water features – enough to give your garden a complete makeover, regardless of how much space you have to play with.

crate planter

Natural Wooden Crate Planter, £4.99, Aldi


Gardenline Wooden Love Bench, £79.99, Aldi

garden arch

Gardenline White Modern Garden Arch, £24.99, Aldi

rope seat

Gardenline Hanging Rope Seat, £39.99, Aldi

step planter

Natural Step Planter, £19.99, Aldi