Aldi’s sellout Le Creuset-style cast iron collection is back and better than ever

Just when you think Aldi can’t give us any more goodness (those beauty dupes just keep on coming), it goes and brings back the sellout cast iron kitchen range that flew off the shelves when it was in stores last year. 

The line, which customers say gives ultra-luxe kitchenware Le Creuset a serious run for its money, offers the same range of colours and shapes as the high-end brand for a fraction of the cost. 

aldi cast iron

The 2019 cast iron kitchen set comes in three colours: a classic red, grey, or a fresh blue, and prices start from just £3.49 for a set of either two mini ramekins or mini casserole dishes – both great for serving up individual portions in impressive style.  

In total, there are 11 cast iron items in the range, plus a £6.99 pair of silicone oven gloves to help you handle them in the kitchen. Also likely to prove popular are the £14.99 cast iron grill trays and griddle pans, and heavy duty cast iron saucepans that come with coordinating lids to encourage your homemade soups or stews bubble away nicely.  

You can also pick up a deep or shallow casserole dish, each priced at £24.99. For context, the equivalent dishes from Le Creuset’s investment range will often set you back upwards of £200, making Aldi’s option a pretty serious saving if you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen kit. 

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You can already preorder the range online ready for the official launch date of 15 September 2019, when it’ll also arrive in stores. However, you know the drill when it comes to a SpecialBuy – they’re a limited run, and once they’re gone, they’re gone, so place your order sooner rather than later. 

Here are some of the items you’ll be able to get your hands on, but for the full range check out the website:


Cast Iron Casserole Dish With Lid, £24.99, Aldi

Cast Iron Grill Tray, £14.99, Aldi

Mini Casserole Stoneware 2 Pack, £3.49, Aldi

Kirkton House Cast Iron Roaster, £19.99, Aldi

Cast Iron Shallow Casserole Dish, £24.99, Aldi