Aldi’s sell-out £3.99 Lacura Miracle Cream is back

When Aldi first announced that it would be launching a dupe of Elizabeth Arden’s iconic Eight Hour Cream for £3.99, we all had our reservations. However given the supermarket chain’s constant ability to deliver, it was no surprise that it sold out in record time as soon as it dropped.


Lacura Miracle Cream, £3.99, Aldi 

If you missed out the first time, fear not because the Lacura Miracle Cream is officially back in stock. Due to high demand, the product is returning to stores, so those who didn’t get a chance to try it before can finally get their hands on it .

The moisturiser has been praised for being extremely similar to Elizabeth Arden’s hero product which has a variety of benefits. Just like the Eight Hour Cream, Aldi’s Miracle Cream is used to ‘soothe, protect and moisturise your skin’, while also being great for treating minor burns and scrapes.

Elizabeth Arden

One major difference between the two, however, is their price tags. The supermarket dupe is an astonishing 77% cheaper than its high end alternative selling at £28. Talk about a bargain!

This isn’t the only successful dupe to be created by the purse-friendly supermarket. In fact, Aldi has developed quite the reputation for creating affordable alternatives to high end beauty products, having famously rivalled the likes of Jo Malone.

Most recently, Aldi launched its own version of Frank’s popular coffee body scrub for half the price of the original. The £6.99 dupe is available in three (almost) good-enough-to-eat scent options – coconut, chocolate and orange – all with a grainy, exfoliating base of coffee and cane sugar.

While the formula isn’t exactly identical to the original, the pouches are vegan friendly, cruelty-free, and packed with natural ingredients including vitamin E, cocoa butter and sweet almond oil to refresh and revitalise your skin – no wonder it went down a treat.