Aldi has launched a new £6.99 Ice Cava just in time for summer

Leave it to Aldi to come up with the best, and most affordable, drink of the summer. Revolutionising the way we drink bubbles (the alcoholic kind, that is), the budget supermarket has launched its first Ice Cava – that’s a cava that’s specifically designed to be poured and enjoyed over ice.

ice in fizz
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We’re all well aware of the ‘no ice in wine’ rule, with wine snobs glaring as we sneak a cube or two into our glass on a hot day (tepid wine is so not ideal), but now we can glare right back as the trend for enjoying fizz over ice is firmly en vogue – so say European wine makers everywhere, according to Aldi.

And Aldi’s offering is here to help you be the first of your friends to get ahead on the latest drinks trend – at just £6.99 a bottle we’re already thinking Ice Cava is going to be a frequent resident in our fridge this summer.

ice in wine
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Aldi’s Mistress of Wine (and proud owner of the best job title ever), Sam Caporn, explains: ‘This fun and fresh fizz is a fantastic addition to any al fresco dining experience. Whether you choose to serve it in a traditional flute, wine or balloon glass, be generous with the ice cubes – don’t forget to add a handful of fresh berries and some sprigs of mint to garnish too.

‘Or for those who want to make their glass even more Instagram-able, add fresh strawberry slices or raspberries to ice cube holders before freezing for a sleek aesthetic.’

Aldi Ice Cava

Jaume Serra Ice Cava, £6.99, Aldi

Sounds delicious. Aldi’s refreshing Jaume Serra Ice Cava is ‘packed with the sumptuous flavours of stone-fruits, fresh flowers and the powerful aroma of tropical fruits’. Described as a ‘semi second Cava’, it’s been specifically formulated to counteract ice’s normally diluting or compromising effects on fizz, so it’s a little sweeter and richer than a traditional Cava, with an intense, fruity bouquet and fine bubbles.

What you’re left with is an extra chilled glass of fizz that is at it’s best only when served over plenty of ice, perfect for a hot summer’s day spent al fresco.

The new Aldi Ice Cava will be available to pick up in stores and online from 13 July.