Aldi is selling a heated dressing gown, and we need one immediately

This winter, we’ve probably spent more time in our dressings gowns than we have in any other item of clothing. While we may have had a warm spell towards the end of last year, 2022 has got off to a very chilly start, so we’ve been relying on our blankets and cosy dressing gowns to keep us warm.

But, thanks to our favourite budget retailer, the dressing gown game just went up a notch. Aldi has come up with the genius idea of a heated dressing gown, which features a soft flannel full-body fleece with an integrated heated system to keep you nice and toasty.

Aldi heated dressing gown

Okay, it might not be the most stylish item, but if you’re feeling chilly at home then the Aldi Kirkton House Heated Coat has arrived at the perfect time, as temperatures stay low and energy prices rise. One excited customer pointed out they could ‘get two of these to save on gas,’ on the Coupon Mama UK Facebook page.

Shoppers who were lucky enough to buy the heated gowns already raved about them, with one writing: ‘Really pleased with this blanket. I have the grey one and it’s lovely and soft, and heats up quickly too which is what I wanted. Great for home working.’

The fleeces have overheating protection, a detachable lead cable and hand controller unit, which means you can switch it on without moving.

There are nine temperature levels and nine timer steps, with a maximum heating time of 90 minutes. What’s more, there’s an automatic shut-off function after 30 seconds when the control buttons are constantly pushed.

Aldi heated dressing gown

Aldi’s cosy gowns can be bought for a reasonable £34.99 in light grey and cream colourways, however, they have already sold out online. The good news is, the Aldi website says to keep an eye out for the heated dressing gown in stores from 27 January.

If you can’t get to an Aldi store, its cream-coloured heated blanket is still available to pre-order online for £34.99. Grab it before it’s gone again!