The bargain Aldi heated clothes airer is back in stock

Washing and drying clothing is always a chore, but it’s especially tough in the winter months, when it’s too cold or rainy to air your wet clothes outside. And if the Great British weather is true to form, these dreary conditions usually last most of the year. 

aldi heater airer

This is why having a drying rack inside is a household essential, but even those can result in clothing taking literally days to properly dry. Enter: the heated clothes airer, which is — if you ask us — one of the smartest inventions of all time.

While you can spend a great deal of cash on one of these creations, you can also nab a bargain if you visit Aldi, who offer a heated drying rack for the thrifty price of £39.99. The rack has sold out quickly every time it’s on sale, but is currently available to buy online, and in-store from February 10th. So worry not, you’ve got another chance to nab the bargain item that makes household chores a doddle.

heated clothes airer

Easy Home Heated Clothes Airer, £39.99, Aldi

The Easy Home Heated Clothes Airer is part of Aldi’s Specialbuys collection, and sounds like it has everything you need for convenient indoor drying. It features 20 heated bars and a lightweight frame that is easy to fold down and store. The airer also comes with a three year warranty, meaning you can easily get it replaced if there’s any problems.

aldi heated airer

‘There’s nothing worse than hanging up wet clothes in your home and them taking ages to dry, especially in the colder months of the year!’ the store says. ‘Save yourself precious drying time with this Easy Home Heated Clothes Airer, which features 20 heated bars for optimum space and even folds down too, for easy storage.’

If you manage to miss out on the Aldi version, there are other options out there, but you’ll be paying a little more. For example, Dunelm’s very professional looking version costs £100, while Argos’ comes with the slightly more affordable price tag of £40.