Aldi’s exercise equipment range has everything you need for an at-home gym

The past couple of years have been full of ups and downs, but one thing that has kept many of us sane is exercise. While gyms were forced to close during lockdown, and exercise classes were postponed, we rediscovered the joy of at-home workouts. Of course, we could count on Aldi to make the whole thing a lot easier with its an affordable exercise equipment range.

Aldi exercise equipment

The range is now back for the new year and features everything you’d need for an at-home gym, whether it’s one that consists of high-tech machines or slightly less advanced (but still super useful) tools. 

Aldi rowing machine

Crane Rowing Machine, £199.99, Aldi

If you’re really willing to commit to your home gym and spend a little more, you may want to pick up the Crane Rowing Machine, which costs £199.99. Alternatively, you could even fork out £299.99 for the supermarket’s Wellactive Multifunction Power Rack, which features everything you need for weights, pull ups, and the like. 

aldi exercise bike

Crane Exercise Bike, £129.99, Aldi

But fear not, not everything in the collection breaks the bank; in fact, the new equipment range starts at £27.99 for a fitness watch, which was reduced from £39.99 – bargain! You can also buy dumbbell sets in a range of weights, starting at 8kg for £34.99 going up to 20kg for £89.99, or buy them all together with a storage unit.

aldi weights

Crane Dumbbell Set & Storage Tree, £449.93, Aldi

The brand even has several activewear pieces to wear while using the equipment, including trainers, gym bags, and fitness bands. So even if you’re totally new to exercise, you can pick up pretty much everything at once at Aldi. 

The range is available online now, and can only be bought from the website. As with many of Aldi’s Specialbuys, it’s recommended that you get in there quick – especially if getting fit is one of our new year resolutions!