Aldi’s Dr.PAWPAW lip balm dupes are 80 per cent cheaper

By now, Aldi is well known for its ‘inspired by’ make-up and skincare dupes of leading beauty brands. In the past, the budget supermarket has been inspired by brands including Liz Earle, Benefit, Glossier, Sisley, Clinique and so many more. And now, they’re taking on cult Australian brand, Dr.PAWPAW, the multipurpose balm brand that utilises the pawpaw (papaya) fruit for its moisturising and hydrating properties.

Having first launched in Aldi stores in Australia in 2015, the ‘wonder ointment’ quickly became an instant cult favourite and has sold millions of units, even being awarded the winner of the Australian Aldi People’s Picks Awards in 2020.

Now, following its huge success in Australia, the Aldi Dr.PAWPAW dupes are arriving in the UK and you can save up to 82 per cent compared to the real deal.

The Lacura PawPaw Macadamia Nut Oil, the packaging of which is extremely similar-looking to the iconic yellow and black tube of Dr.PAWPAW’s Original Clear Balm, costs just £1.49 – that’s a rather cool 79 per cent saving compared to Dr.PAWPAW’s £6.95 tube.

Aldi dr pawpaw orignal balm dupe

Lacura PawPaw Macadamia Nut Oil, £1.49, Aldi

DUPE FOR: Original Clear Balm, £6.95, Dr.PAWPAW

They haven’t stopped there though. Aldi has also been inspired by the brand’s Outrageous Orange Balm, a tinted lip balm infused with pawpaw, aloe vera and olive oil for the perfect pout. However, while Dr.PAWPAW’s tube costs £6.95, Aldi’s PawPaw Ointment is again priced at just £1.49, saving shoppers £5.46.

Aldi dr pawpaw red balm dupe

Lacura PawPaw Ointment, £1.49, Aldi

DUPE FOR: Outrageous Orange Balm, £6.95, Dr.PAWPAW

Then there’s the Dr.PAWPAW Shea Butter Balm, which is packed full of the same organic ingredients – pawpaw fruit, aloe vera and olive oil – but also enhanced with shea butter for extra hydration and moisture. A 25ml tube will set you back £8.49, however, Aldi’s dupe – PawPaw Aloe Vera – is priced at just £1.49, which is a 82 per scent saving, or a whole £7.

aldi pr shea butter lip balm dupe

Lacura PawPaw Aloe Vera, £1.49, Aldi

DUPE FOR: Shea Butter Balm, £8.95, Dr.PAWPAW

Just like the originals, the Aldi Dr.PAWPAW dupes are fragrance free and cruelty free. They’re all available to buy exclusively in stores now, so hurry to your local Aldi to get hold of your new favourite balm.