Aldi has launched gooey Domino’s-style cookies to heat up at home

When the weather outside is cold and miserable, we often resolve that treating ourselves to some well-deserved comfort food is the answer – and what better comfort food is there than a takeaway?

Unfortunately, our Deliveroo habit is starting to take affect on our bank balance, so when we heard that Aldi had launched cookies in the style of everyone’s favourite pizza takeaway joint, we jumped for joy.

chocolate chip cookies
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Hands up who’s ever ordered Domino’s for dinner just because you’re craving their super moreish, gooey, soft chocolate chip cookies (raises hand)? Well now you don’t have to, now that Aldi is selling their own version that you can heat up in the oven at home.

Aldi Domino's cookies

The budget supermarket is well-known for its impeccable dupes, and, as expected, Aldi’s packs of four cookies cost a fraction of what Domino’s charge for theirs – in fact, they cost a third of the price.

Aldi says: ‘These cookies have a delicious crispy outside, with a oozing centre of cookie dough and chocolate chips – best served warm, with ice cream, while on the sofa.’ Yum…

Aldi Domino's cookies

Carlos Takeaway Chewy and Gooey Cookies, £1.49, Aldi

If you’re looking for the full fakeaway experience, Aldi’s Carlos Takeaway range also includes stuffed crust pizzas, garlic pizza breads and a garlic and herb dip that customers have been going wild for because of its likeness to Domino’s own signature dip. One satisfied shopper on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group said: ‘I personally thought it tasted exactly the same as Domino’s’, while another added: ‘Best dip I’ve had in ages!! I need to get more.’

For two of Aldi’s pizzas, one side and a dessert (those irresistible cookies, of course), it’ll cost you just £6.25 – that’s more than £34 cheaper than an equivalent order from the takeaway giant.

The next time we’re craving a pizza and those warm, gooey cookies but the purse strings are feeling a little tight, we know where we’ll be heading. Grab a box in stores now.