Aldi just launched a delicious range of Bake Off-inspired candles

Now that Bake Off is back, all we can think about is delicious desserts and sweet treats. When we’re not tuning in to the show on Tuesday nights, we’re counting down the days til the next episode, or trying our hands at baking our own goods at home after being inspired by the new contestants.

aldi cake candles
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But what if we told you you could get your home to smell as delightful as your favourite desserts without putting in all the hard graft of baking? Well thanks to Aldi you can.

Aldi cake candles

Jaffa Cake Candle, £2.79, Aldi

The popular budget supermarket has launched a brand new range of dessert-scented candles inspired by The Great British Bake Off.

The candles are available in four different scents: coconut cake, marshmallow fluff cake, strawberry pavlova and jaffa cakes. Yes, our mouths are already watering too!


Aldi cake candles

Strawberry Pavlova Candle, £2.79, Aldi

Perfect for a cosy night in (perhaps Bake Off Tuesdays are the most fitting?), the lovely wick candles come in glass jars with a polished metal lid and are priced at just £2.79 each – a total bargain. But that doesn’t mean they are tiny. In fact they are 8.5cm by 12cm, which is more than a decent size for the price.

Aldi cake candles

Marshmallow Fluff Cake Candle, £2.79, Aldi

Each candle is coloured according to its flavour. So the coconut cake one is white and the marshmallow fluff cake is pink, while the strawberry pavlova candle is red and the jaffa cake flavour is of course orange.

Aldi cake candles

Coconut Cake Candle, £2.79, Aldi

And like most of Aldi’s goods, the scented candles are part of the supermarkets ‘Special Buys’ section which means there is limited stock and once they’re gone, they’re gone. So if you want to get your hands on them, we suggest heading down to your local Aldi while they’re still on the shelves – or placing your order online while you still can!