Aldi’s new Cosy range is the perfect autumn buy

The nights are dark, the weather is wet, and the leaves are falling from the trees at a pretty dramatic rate – it’s fair to say that autumn has arrived.

And whether you’re thrilled at the chance to add a touch of hygge your home, or need a little seasonal pick-me-up to ease your disappointment over the disappearance of the sunshine, Aldi’s got just the thing.

Aldi cosy candles

As of 17 October, the purse-friendly supermarket will start to stock a new range of aptly-named Cosy candles and reed diffusers, designed to fill a room with both light and gorgeous scent.

There are three colour-coded fragrances on offer. If you love your space to smell fruity and fresh, try the pale blue Dream, which has bright layers of grapefruit and pomelo tempered with a soft musk base, while those who love spicy or sweet blends will love cream Calm, which combines pine with cinnamon and vanilla.

Also on offer is Bliss, which mixes sweet cassis berry notes with floral hints of rose – a reflection of its subtly pink glass jar.

Aldi cosy candlesCosy Candles in Dream, Bliss or Calm, £3.99 each, Aldi

Each candle has a burn time of approximately 40 hours, which the liquid perfume in the reed diffusers promise to last for up to eight weeks.

This combined with the chic shades, simple fonts and natural wooden accents make each item look far more expensive than its budget price tag (£3.99 for the candles and £4.99 for the reed diffusers respectively).

Aldi cosy diffusersCosy Reed Diffusers in Dream, Bliss or Calm, £4.99 each, Aldi

It’ll be in physical stores from Thursday, but the range is already available for particularly eager customers to pre-order online.

However you place your order, though, you’ll need to do it quickly, because with any Aldi SpecialBuy product (which drop twice a week, FYI), once it’s gone, it might just be gone for good…