Aldi’s Christmas party food has just been revealed and it looks deliciously festive

It might be unclear what the festive season will look like this year, but that’s not stopping us from looking forward to all things Christmas. One thing that is for certain, is all our favourite supermarkets have got some of the best-looking festive food on offer ever – and we can’t wait to try it all.

Whether we can invite people over for a festive drinks and nibbles or not, that won’t stop us from stocking up on all the Christmassy party food – and eating it all ourselves, if we have to. They’ve already launched some of the best looking (and most affordable) Christmas hampers, and now Aldi has just released the first look at their show-stopping Christmas party food – and it all looks deliciously festive.

Here’s our favourites from the Aldi Christmas party food menu for 2020…

What to expect in the Aldi Christmas party food aisle this year

pulled pork pancetta cracker

Specially Selected Pulled Pork & Pancetta Cracker, £3.99 (available 10 December)

Made to be the centrepiece of any buffet table, this flaky pastry ‘cracker’ is filled with British pulled pork and succulent smoky Italian pancetta, combined with seasoned British pork sausage meat.

chicken bites

Let’s Party Chicken Bites, £1.49 (available 21 September)

Inspired by flavours from across the world, these bitesize nuggets are available in three flavours: nacho cheese, chinese and bhaji.

thai roses

Specially Selected Thai Roses, £2.99 (available 10 December)

Aldi has a slew of Asian-themed party food this year, and these ‘Thai roses’ are as delicious as they are pretty.

vegan skewers

Fusion Vegan Skewers, £1.99 (available 26 October)

Filled with either sweet chilli, satay or Thai green curry flavours.

oriental vegetable selection

Oriental Vegetable Selection, £1.99 (available 26 October)

These crispy little parcels make for the perfect finger food.

veg gyozas

Vegetable Gyozas, £1.69 (available 26 October)

These come with a delicious chilli and soy sauce for dipping.

prawn lollipops

Lets Party Prawn Lollipops, £1.69 (available 26 October)

A perfect party canapé, the lollipops are lightly spiced with a Korean-inspired seasoning.

indian windmills

Indian-Style Windmills, £2.99 (available 10 December)

Choose from vegetable korma or chicken tikka, these striking windmill shaped savoury treats will look stunning on a party food table.

cauliflower bites

Let’s Party Vegan Bites, £1.99 (available 26 October)

Back by popular demand for 2020, Aldi’s vegan bites have a cauliflower & pumpkin filling even your meat-eating friends won’t be able to resist.

duck spring rolls

Duck Spring Rolls, 99p (available 21 September)

A classic, no buffet table is complete with mini duck spring rolls.

tempura prawns

Tempura Prawns, £1.69 (available 21 September)

Crispy and golden tempura batter coats these finger-sized prawns.

mini hot dogs /sliders

Specially Selected Mini Hot Dogs, £2.99 (available 10 December)

Hot dogs, but make the mini. Leave the sauces up to your guests.

mini hot dogs / sliders

Specially Selected Mini Cheeseburgers, £2.99 (available 10 December)

Sliders have become a popular party food favourite in recent years – what’s not to love about a bitesize burger?


Filled Churros, £1.69 (available 21 September)

Churros drizzled with caramel sauce with a surprise filling.


Mini Eclairs, 85p (available 26 October)

We dare you to have just one of these mini chocolate eclairs. Go on…

Irish cream / honeycomb cones

Mini Cones, £1.99 (available 21 September)

These Mini Cones  are available in chocolate & hazelnut, strawberry & Irish cream or caramel & honeycomb.