Aldi’s Christmas food for 2020 includes a 2-metre pig in blanket and melting chocolate snowmen

As autumn steamrolls on we only get closer and closer to Christmas, which to us means one thing: Christmas food. We’ve already had the festive foodie offerings of Tesco, Morrisons and Waitrose unveiled, and now we get a peek at what Aldi will be serving up this Crimbo, too.

And the Aldi Christmas food 2020 line-up is huge: from a heaving seafood offering to even more vegan and vegetarian centrepieces and sides than ever before, this is shaking up to be a good Christmas (food-wise, anyway). And for those who’ve had enough of turkey crowns over the years, say hello to a wealth of alternative meaty showstoppers, from Wagyu beef joints to stuffed whole duck.

Make sure to leave room for dessert, which this year sees the likes of a shimmering Christmas pud alternative (spiked with damson plum and pink gin) and a decadent layered pavlova stack.

It might all look luxurious, but the price tags are still classically Aldi and purse-friendly. Having already done a full run down of Aldi’s party food and canapés (and the ever popular wine advent calendar), let’s now take a look at everything else, from your smoked salmon breakfast to a rather festive blueberry gin tipple.

Aldi Christmas food 2020: what’s on the shelves this year

The Big Day: breakfast, starters and sides

eggs royale kit

Specially Selected Salmon Eggs Royale Kit, £4.99 (available 26 October)

Everything you need to start the day as you mean to go on, the eggs Royale kit contains Scottish smoked salmon, 4 pre-poached free range eggs, 4 breakfast blinis and a sachet of hollandaise sauce.

scallop gratins

Specially Selected Scallop Gratins, £3.29 (available now)

Using plump sustainably caught MSC-certified scallops, there are 3 flavours of gratin to chose from: Pea & Mint, Chorizo & King Prawn and Monsigny Champagne.

whole lobster

Specially Selected Lobster Tails, £4.99 fresh, £3.53 frozen (fresh available 21 December, frozen available now)

Available both fresh and frozen, this is a starter to wow your guests with. The chilled lobster tails come with Thermidor butter or wild garlic & Prosecco butter; the frozen variety comes with salted or garlic & herb butter.

2 metre pig in blanket

2 Metre Pig in Blanket, £4.99 (Available 3 December)

Back by popular demand, the 2 metre pig in blanket is exactly what you think it is – 2 metres of British pork sausage wrapped in bacon and curled into an eye-catching spiral.

truffle pigs in blankets

Truffle Pigs in Blanket, £2.99 (available 10 December)

Bring a touch of opulence to the dinner table with these flavoursome truffle-infused chipolatas wrapped in smoked streaky bacon.


Merry Sherry Stuffing, £4.99 (Available 19 December)

A boozy take on stuffing, this is British sausage meat generously topped with smoked pancetta, chestnuts and a good helping of sherry.

vegan stuffing balls

Specially Selected Vegan Stuffing Balls, £TBC (available 10 December)

Vegans needn’t miss out on a thing this year, with Aldi’s classic sage and onion or brand-new cranberry, apricot and mandarin stuffing balls.

vegan pigs in blankets

Plant Menu Vegan No Pigs in Blankets, £1.99 (Available 19 December)

A new festive trimming for Aldi this year, the Christmas classic gets a vegan-friendly spin with a meat-free pepper and herb ‘pig’ wrapped in puff pastry.

The Big Day: centrepieces


Specially Selected Exquisite British Hand-Finished Chesham Bronze Turkey, £8.99 per kg (available 19 December)

It’s still the traditional and most popular choice of meat to consume on 25 December, and Aldi’s ‘Rolls Royce of turkeys’ is dry aged for extra flavour and texture and hand reared to maturity on a pure cereal diet, providing the ultimate juicy, flavoursome bird.

hog roast

British Pork Hog Roast 2kg, £9.99 (available 19 December)

Next in the Aldi Christmas food 2020 line-up: feed the crowd with this tender, Red Tractor-assured British pork packed with a pork, sage and onion stuffing, accompanied by a bramley apple sauce.

three bird roast

Three Bird Roast 1.2kg, £19.99 (available 19 December)

Expertly assembled using only the best British free-range turkey, duck and pheasant, and topped with crisp Applewood smoked bacon, a sprig of herbs and a sweet spiced cranberry glaze.

wagyu joint

Specially Selected British Wagyu Joint, £19.99 per kilo (available 10 December)

Famous for its rich, buttery flavour and melt-in-the-mouth tenderness, this British Wagyu beef joint is sure to impress – topped with a flavoursome red wine and treacle jus.

cod loin wrapped bacon

Specially Selected Cod Loin Wrapped in Bacon, £7.99 (available 19 December)

This responsibly sourced Atlantic boneless cod loin is frozen at sea to maintain optimum freshness and then later wrapped in British bacon to keep it juicy in the oven.


Specially Selected British Free Range Whole Goose, £7.99 per kg (availability TBC)

Hugely popular and back for another year, Aldi’s traditional whole goose is reared on trusted farms in the English countryside.

lamb guard of honour

Specially Selected British Lamb Guard of Honour 1kg, £19.99 (available 19 December)

An eye-catching meaty centrepiece alternative, this juicy dish comes packed with a redcurrant and rosemary stuffing before being topped with an indulgent garlic and herb butter.

stuffed duck

Specially Selected Easy Carve Stuffed British Duck 1.4kg, £14.99 (available 19 December)

Instead of the traditional turkey, try this part deboned duck packed with fragrant pork and clementine stuffing and garnished with sweet orange glaze and candied orange slice.

whole salmon

Whole Fresh Scottish Salmon, £4.99 per kg (available 19 December)

Whole fresh salmon makes for a spectacular and generous centerpiece for your main event.

no turkey roast

No Turkey Roast, £2.99 (available 16 November)

An Aldi first, the No Turkey Roast is a festive taste sensation of cranberry, apricot and pumpkin seed stuffing, wrapped in a tasty soya and tofu coating.

nut roasts

Specially Selected Nut Roast, £2.99 (available 26 October)

A classic roast alternative for veggies, Aldi’s individual nut roasts are made with root vegetables and available in two flavours: cranberry sauce (vegan) or camembert (vegetarian).

vegan wreath

Specially Selected Vegan Wreath, £3.99 (available 21 December)

A show-stopping hearty blend of chestnut mushrooms, butternut squash and fruit stuffing in a handmade vegan pastry wreath.

The sweet stuff

plum and pink gin pudding

Specially Selected Damson Plum and Pink Gin Pudding, £8.99 (available 1 November)

A twist on the classic Christmas pudding, this shimmering gold centrepiece is packed with vine fruits, plump damsons, sweet plums, glacé cherries and almonds soaked in sherry and pink gin. It even has a hidden Victoria plum and gin sauce centre!

chocolate caramel layered dessert

Specially Selected  Dark Belgian & Salted Caramel Layered Dessert, £4.99 (available now)

Described as a chocolate lovers’ dream, this decadent dessert is made with dark chocolate mousse, hazelnuts, praline, feuilletine and a salted butter caramel mousse, layered together into a bar and finished with a chocolate biscuit and dark chocolate coating.


Specially Selected Pavlova Stack, £4.99 (available now)

This luxurious pavlova stack comes in two flavours: heritage raspberry & white chocolate or ‘amazing millionaires’.

melting snowman

Dairyfine Hot Chocolate Melting Snowman, £1.99 (available now)

For little and big kids alike, these cute choc snowmen are filled with marshmallows and chocolate drops – pop him into hot milk and watch as he melts, releasing the content of his belly to create a heavenly mug of hot chocolate.

gingerbread house

Gingerbread House, £4.99 (available 12 November)

Buttery, spicy and sweet, Aldi’s festive Gingerbread House comes ready to adorn with the icing and sweets included in the box.

exquisite mince pies

Specially Selected Exquisite Miniature Mince Pie Selection, £2.49 (available 3 December)

These spectacular bitesize festive treats come in three distinctive flavours: walnut & buttercream, rose and amaretto, cherry & Kirsch.

vegan melt in middle pudding

Specially Selected Belgian Chocolate & Orange Melt in the Middle Pudding, £2.49 (availability TBC)

New for 2020, this vegan chocolate pudding is made with hidden orange compote and finished with a rich dark chocolate sauce and gold shimmer.

Festive tipples

icy blueberry gin liqueur

Infusionist Icy Blueberry Gin Liqueur, £9.99 (availability TBC)

Gin-thusiasts rejoice! Bringing up the rear of the Aldi Christmas food 2020 line-up, an exclusive edition gin liqueur, which brings a frosty twist to a fruity liqueur. The sweet tastes of juicy blueberry work perfectly with a light tonic.