Aldi is selling a £15 chalkboard slow cooker that lets you write notes on the pot

From warming stews to healthy soups, nothing says autumn quite like a cosy slow-cooker recipe – and now Aldi’s giving you the chance to pick up a very clever version for a fraction of the cost of many high street brands.

The budget German supermarket has welcomed the chilly season by launching a £15 chalkboard slow cooker that not only simmers your favourite dish to perfection, but also gives you the option to write handy notes or timings (or instructions to other family members) directly on the pot.

Aldi chalkboard slow cooker

The Ambiano 4 Quart Slow Cooker has a 3.5 litre capacity and offers three settings – low, high, and a keep warm function. The ceramic pot where you actually put your ingredients is removable for easy cleaning, and the handles have a ‘cool touch’ technology so you can carry it around to serve. You even get three sticks of chalk included in the box to get you started.

With all of this for a £14.99 price tag, it’s no surprise that customers have already started pre-ordering the slow cooker in droves ahead of its 13 October release date. It’s already badged as ‘selling fast’, with more than 90 units shifted in the last 24 hours alone.

aldi chalkboard slow cookerBlack Chalkboard Slow Cooker, £14.99, Aldi

However, if you’re looking for more kitchen kit, you’ll want to take a look at the rest of this Sunday’s SpecialBuy range too. There’s also a £24.99 deep fat fryer, a £49.99 table top fridge (great for students, or those in small spaces), a chic kitchen storage trolley and even a fancy sous vide stick that will enable you to make restaurant quality dishes at home.

‘If you consider yourself a bit of a chef, up your cooking technique with this amazing sous vide stick,’ says the brand. ‘Using a sealed vacuum bag, the sous vide stick cooks at a precise temperature for a set time for amazing results.’

It also ‘retains nutrients and vitamins better than traditional cooking or steaming,’ and is ‘healthier because it requires very little extra fat or salt.’ And at £49.99 for the Aldi version, it’s now much less expensive to try the technique yourself.