The best boozy ice lollies for grown-ups

Now here’s a food fad we can really get behind: alcoholic ice lollies.  As much as we love a classic Twister, we’ll be tucking into these adults-only treats this summer. Taking our favourite tipples – from prosecco to a pina colada – and transforming them into frozen push-up pops or lollies-on-a-stick, it’s an irresistible mix of nostalgia, kitsch and deliciousness. Hats off to the genius who spotted this gap in the market.

We’ve already had the thrill of boozie slushies, prosecco gummy sweets, and the, er, ‘interesting’ taste sensation of gin-and-tonic flavoured ice cream, but this might be our favourite kids’ treat to get a grown-up spin.

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And yes, if you’re wondering, these lollies really do contain alcohol. In fact, they come with an ABV percentage on the packaging (so you will need to take them into account if you are driving – and they are definitely not suitable for children). Be warned: some are stronger than others!

As the trend catches on we’re seeing more and more inventive flavours appear – and big drinks brands are getting in on the action too. How about a refreshing Pimm’s lolly while you watch Wimbledon? (It’s certainly less faff than chopping up all that fruit.) They make a great non-spillable alternative at festivals, too.

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you making your own DIY versions at home – and you can get really experimental in your own kitchen: espresso martini lolly anyone? – but here’s our round-up of the best you can buy. Cheers!

7 of the best boozy ice lollies for summer

Pink Gin Ice Popsicles, £2.99, Aldi (available in-store at select branches)



Mirabeau Frose, £2.99, Waitrose (available in-store at select branches)

Lickalix Alocholic Pina Colada Poptail, £3.99 for pack of three, Ocado

Pimm’s Ice Popsicle, £5.99 for pack of three, Ocado

Gianni’s Alcohol Ice Popsicles, £2.99 for a pack of four, available in-store at Aldi

Lic Mojito Frozen Cocktail, £2 each, Sainsbury’s

POPS Bellini Prosecco & Peach, £5.99 for pack of three, Ocado