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aer blowdry bar unveil floral up-do service for SS16


With designers such as Diane von Fürstenberg (below), Gucci and Rodarte all resurrecting the floral up-do for summer 2016, it only seems apt that aer blowdry bar should follow suit by creating a bespoke floral service.


Diane Von Furstenberg spring/summer 2016


The style, which has already been fashioned this season by the likes of Karlie Kloss (above), Lily Aldridge and Alessandra Ambrosio, all resonate from the 1960s and 70s – and this summer to coincide with a plethora of festivals aer blowdry bar have released their very own take on trend mixing real flowers (created by below) with soft romantic waves and textured, dreamy braids to create standout styles that work for all summer occasions.


This glamorous range of girlie up-do’s is ideal for any fiesta or soiree and are available to book now, priced from £50 onwards and with three striking styles to choose from, you can be inspired by the English countryside, festivals and weddings for the long summer ahead.


Below aer blowdry bar’s Creative Director, Joanna Williamson, shares her top tips on how to achieve the perfect floral up-do’s…


aer blowdry bar unveil floral up-do service for SS16


The Berkshire – braided bun


1 Pull hair back to the crown, divide hair into quarters and braid all four sections.


2 Open the braid by pulling gently, cross the braids over each other and grip into place.


3 Add the flowers like a halo across the head – start by measuring around the head and use a small pair of scissors to cut the stems to the right measurement for the halo.


4 Use the bobby pins to pin the flowers into place at the back of the head, where the flowers meet. For a natural look, choose bobby pins that match the hair colour.


aer blowdry bar unveil floral up-do service for SS16


The Wiltshire – fishtail braid


1 Starting from the side of the head, braid the front across the head and grip behind the ear on the opposite side to where the braid started.


2 With the rest of the hair, messily tie the hair into a ponytail on the side and then braid into a fishtail down the side of the head.


3 Add flowers into the fishbraid as desired. These flowers are very delicate, so use bobby pins and grip them in-between/under the braid where the sections meet.


4 Make sure the pins are facing up in the hair, rather than pointing down, for a better grip. Cut the stems no more than 3cm.


aer blowdry bar unveil floral up-do service for SS16


The Hampshire – romantic waves


1 Using a ghd or Cloud 9 curling wand, tong the hair.


2 The bigger the tongs the better for keeping it natural, so aim to take big sections.


3 Take the sections from the temples and loosely braid each side to meet at the bottom of the crown and the back of the head and grip together.


4 For the best results, the three flowers need to be tightly secured. Bobby pin the flowers at the back, then use a hair grip slide to slide into the braid at the back for extra security. As long as the stems in the flowers are not thicker than the sections in the slide, this should work well.


5 If the stems are too thick to be secured with bobby pins, push a metal wire through the stems and twist around them into a knot, then use Kirby grips to fasten on the wire rather than on the stem.


For more information or to book an appointment visit; 172 Old Brompton Rd, London SW5 0BA (020 7244 9499).


By Kimberly Lavey