The best adult colouring books to keep your hands and mind occupied

With most of the country’s population now facing days on end confined to our homes (except for those hero key workers still heading out to work each day), many people are looking for ways to fill all their newfound free time.

From tuning into Netflix Party to getting stuck into a new book, there’s only so much watching and reading you can take before you’re going to need to look further afield, such as learning a new skill or picking up a new hobby.

best adult colouring books

One hobby in particular has seen a sharp rise in participants and the best news is it’s inexpensive and anyone can do it. Sales of adult colouring books have skyrocketed at online retail giant Amazon by a staggering 955 per cent, as people look for mindful activities to bring a sense of calm to this tumultuous time.

With most colouring books coming in under the £10 mark and a good quality set of colouring pencils equally affordable and long lasting, this a great hobby to take up if you’re looking to while away the hours without breaking the bank.

Colouring books for adults first saw a rise in popularity a few years ago when people were searching for mindful activities that would calm the mind and relieve stress, so it’s no wonder they’ve now seen a resurgence when we are all looking for any way to bring a bit of peace and calm int our lives. What better way to switch off and block out the noise and stress of the outside world than be picking up a pencil and creating something beautiful.

Even if you’re still working from home, colouring is the perfect reason to get up and move away from your computer for an hour to break up your day and give your eyes (and mind) a rest from the screen. It’s also a great activity to do with house-bound kids who are off school.

Whether you’re in self-isolation or practicing social distancing, here are some of the best adult colouring books to pass the time.

The best colouring books (and colouring pencils) for adults

colouring book scenic

Kaisercraft Scenic Sights Coloring Book, £11.50, Amazon

colouring book nouveau

Art Of Colouring Nouveau, £4.50, Amazon

colouring book animals

The Menagerie: Animal Portraits to Colour, £3.99, Amazon

colouring book colourtronic

Colourtronic, £9.35, Amazon

colouring book enchanted

Enchanted Forest, £2.42, Amazon

colouring book mystical

Mystical Colouring Book for Adults, £4.99, Amazon

Colouring pencils

Coloured Pencils Set, £17.99, Amazon