5 of the hottest homeware trends for summer, according to Etsy

The spring/summer season is the ultimate time to redecorate your home – and Etsy’s newly released Trend Guide is all we need for inspiration.

According the popular shopping site – which compiled the guide with the help of interior experts and a study of Google searches – there are five particular looks we’ll all be going mad for this summer – and apparently they’re ‘all about showing off a little personality.’

Here’s a breakdown of each of the new trends coming your way…

1. Facetime

‘In 2017, we saw a veritable explosion of hand and eye motifs adorning everything from pillows to mugs. This year, Etsy sellers are doubling down on the trend and zooming out to include full faces in their designs,’ explain Etsy. ‘Makers are putting their best features forward and shoppers are taking note: In 2018, on-site searches for faces are up 38% compared to the same time period in 2017.’

Expect portrait-inspired pieces ranging from abstract illustrations to minimalist sculptures.

2. Terrazo

‘Terrazzo, the staple speckled surface of the seventies, is making its way back into modern homes,’ Etsy reveal. ‘Searches for terrazzo are up by 250% this year compared to the same time period in 2017.’

Unlike old school terrazzo, the modern-day version of the print stretches beyond the familiar flooring and counter top finishes. According to Etsy, sellers are incorporating patterns inspired by the confetti-like composite into ceramics, pillows, and even wallpaper.

3. Mindful home

‘Self-care is becoming increasingly essential,’ Etsy say. ‘We’ve already seen an increase in searches for incense holders , meditation poufs , and essential oils this year, proving that there are many paths to a balanced home that soothes all your sense.’

We’ll definitely be getting our hands on one of their incense sticks!

4. Poured, swirled, and stirred

According to Etsy’s trend guide, the ‘liquid effect’ is about to be everywhere. ‘Sellers are already starting to apply this look to everything from ceramics to wall art,’ they say.

Could it be the new marble?

5. Fringing

Following in the footstep of the fashion industry, one the major upcoming trends in home decor is fringing.

‘If you want to get ahead of the crowds or just add some texture to your walls, this is the trend for you,’ Etsy say. ‘Keep an eye out for more fringing later this year – we think it’s going to be big.’