Doing a 24 minute daily workout is all you need to get fit

Think to get in shape and increase your fitness levels you’ll have to slave on the cross trainer for hours on end or actually do that daily morning 10K? Think again.

According to fitness blogger, Laura Henshaw, doing just 24 minutes of exercise a day can transform your health and get you that dream body.

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The 25-year-old fitness Instagram star, who has built an impressive following of over 175 thousand followers, told News Corp: ‘People think that 24 minutes a day is so big and that you don’t have time to workout, you don’t have time to eat healthy, but you do have that time’.

Henshaw personally prefers to push herself for a short burst of time doing workouts such as sprints and high intensity training rather than spending longer working out in widely-popular classes such as barre, pilates or yoga. She claims that faster and shorter is more productive for getting the heart rate up and blood pumping.

A law student by day, she has however spoken openly about the challenge of finding time and motivation for regular exercise but insists it can be done.

She recently uploaded a video of her running at the gym and captioned it: ‘I know social media can sometimes make it seem like exercise is “easy” for people who post about fitness, and make you think “it’s easy for them, and unattainable for me”…But I promise you that is not the case. Fitness is all about challenging YOURSELF to your own level.’

‘I am out of breath during every HIIT/ running / boxing session I do because I push myself – and when I get fitter I push myself again. I set myself small goals to help keep me motivated. Everyone’s fitness levels are different and that’s why all you need to focus on is YOU and your journey and never compare your journey to anyone else’s’.

These dilemmas were actually the reason the Sydney-native co-founded the Keep It Cleaner with Stephanie Claire Smith. The online fitness and nutrition programme now provides workouts that are just 20 minutes long as well as meal plans and ways to keep the mind happy too.

Will you try it?