12 ways to make your home happy: The 2021 trends guaranteed to give your home a lift

From candyfloss pink to sofas with curves, interiors editor Nicole Gray reveals the 2021 trends guaranteed to give your home a lift.

1. Brighten up your home office

home office
Lisa Cohen

With the home office unlikely to be retired any time soon, making it a place we want to clock into will be key in 2021. If space is at a premium, a sleek folding desk is your hero buy, allowing you to flip between the working day and a family dinner with ease. Check out wayfair.co.uk for options. For a finishing feel-good touch, fill the wall with motivational pictures.

2. Switch on to statement lighting

home lighting
Annie Sloan

From scalloped table lamps to bold pendants, oversized lighting will be flicking our switch next year. Illuminate the room with a standout pendant hung above a dining table or group lights together over a kitchen island for a touch of restaurant luxe. If you have low ceilings, opt for a light that spreads outwards rather than hanging low. For cool picks, go to houseof.com.

3. Raise your colour game

pink walls with striped ceiling

Surprise pops of colour are where it’s at next year, bringing brightness and joy to overlooked places. Why not try adding a zingy shade to the inside of cupboards and drawers or go for bold by giving your ceiling standout stripes? Try lickhome.com for the new season’s shades.

4. Say it with dried flowers

dried flowers
Rose & Grey

Yes, they’re back from the dead – and not only are dried flowers a quick way to add colour to your space but, unlike fresh bouquets, they’ll last a lot longer. Check out the dried wildflowers and grasses at roseandgrey.co.uk. For drama, add a statement vase.

5. Put on a display

The White Company

Finding places to store stuff is set to get a whole lot easier next year with the glass-fronted display cabinet making a comeback. Fill it with your favourite china in the kitchen, curios in the living room or best linens and towels in the bathroom. Cabinet, £995, thewhitecompany.com.

6. Love your curves

round chair
Living Etc/Future Publishing LTD

From rounded chairs and sofas to lozenge-shaped mirrors, 2021 is all about the curves. Not just soothing to the eye, soft, round lines give a room a greater sense of flow than their straight-edged counterparts and also create an inviting, cocooning vibe. Try made.com for a selection.

7. Keep it natural

Rattan table and chairs
Jon Day Photography

For spaces that need warmth and texture, natural materials such as cane, rattan and wood will nail it in 2021. Accessorise with lush plants and, for the perfect colour choice, earthy terracotta. Visit habitat.co.uk to get ahead of the trend.

8. Go greener

© Cico Books, taken from Wild Interiors by Hilton Carter

Who doesn’t love a houseplant? Not only do they bring the outside in and create a sense of calm, they also boost oxygen levels and purify the air, clearing toxins. Expect to see the return of the cactus – supersized as a focal point – as well as ferns arranged in groups for a lush, textured look. Check out the varieties at patchplants.com.

9. Feel perky with… pink

candyfloss pink walls
Veranda Magazine/Brian Woodcock

The happiest hue in the palette will be bringing more joy to walls in 2021 à la sugary bonbon and candyfloss shades. For a pink that’s good enough to eat, try Nancy’s Blushes by farrow-ball.com.

10. Big up your bathroom

tiled bathroom

It may be one of the smallest spaces in the house, but it can still be the boldest with 2021’s hottest touches: luxe finishes, standout tiles and pastel-hued sanitary ware. Check out the coloured collection at burlingtonbathrooms.com. Pictured: all tiles, £95 each, floor tiles, £45.60 per square metre, mandarinstone.com.

11. Check out your floor

chequer floor bathroom
Eric Piasecki/Otto. Interior: Rita Konig. Architecture: Gil Schafer

The next big thing in flooring? Chequerboards – in greens, blues and zippy reds. Here the pattern has been painted on to treated wooden floorboards. For a similar effect (and half the effort) try the checked vinyl range at harveymaria.com.

12. Finally, luxe out

soft furnishingsAfter the year we’ve had, it’s no wonder embracing the little things that make us happy will be vital. From soft velvet blankets (heals.com has a great selection) to scented candles (the essential oil, soy-based collection at cutchcompany.co.uk is divine), we deserve them!